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Account Sweeps
Adding an Account Sweep to your checking account can help you avoid overdraft charges to your account.  To take advantage of an Account Sweep, you must have two different accounts; either a checking and savings accounts or two separate checking accounts. If a check is presented to your checking account and there is not a sufficient balance in the account, our computer will generate a “Sweep” from your designated checking or savings account in increments of $100.00 to cover the presented item. South Central State Bank will notify you of the Account Sweep by sending you a notice in the mail. 

Contact your local South Central State Bank Account Specialist to learn more about Account Sweeps and the fees associated with this service. 


Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit is safe and confidential, saving time and money for customers.  South Central State Bank accepts Direct Deposit funds for a customer and deposits them directly into the customer’s designated account.  With Direct Deposit, you don’t have to spend time or effort cashing checks. It is completely secure. Most individuals associate Direct Deposit with payroll, but it can be used for many other types of payments such as: Tax refunds, Dividend and interest payments, Social Security or other government payments to name a few.

Don’t worry about getting that check taken to the bank to be deposited. Set up to have a Direct Deposit with South Central State Bank and rest easy knowing the money is in the bank!!

Automatic Transfers
South Central State Bank has many busy customers. To assist our customers we offer Automatic Transfers. To sign up for an Auto Transfer, a customer needs at least two separate accounts.  Auto transfers are transferring funds from one account to another account on a designated date on a continual basis. The customer specifies which date they want the transfer to happen. An example of an Automatic Transfer is transferring funds from a checking account to a loan to make a payment on the 15th of each month. The customer doesn’t have to remember to find the loan coupon and stop at the bank each month to make the payment. The payment is automatically made and there is never a chance for late charges!!

You’ve got a lot on your mind these days. Contact an Account Specialist at South Central State Bank to find out how signing up for Automatic Transfers could help make your life less hectic!!


Safety Deposit Boxes
South Central State Bank offers Safe Deposit Boxes to rent and store your valuables. Valuables such as Real Estate Papers, Birth Certificates, Wills, Power of Attorney Papers, jewelry or irreplaceable documents and pictures.

Our Safe Deposit Boxes are securely kept in a Bank vault. Only the person or persons signed on the Rental Agreement are allowed into the box. The box requires two keys in order to open- one key that is issued to the renter and another key that the Bank keeps. Be assured, your valuables are safe from fire and theft.

A Safe Deposit Box is where you should store your valuables and irreplaceable items. Stop by South Central State Bank to let us show you the various sizes of Safe Deposit Boxes and discuss the various price ranges.  An Account Specialist will be happy to assist you. *

Other Services
The following are a few more Convenient Services that South Central State Bank has to offer:

  • Money Orders for Established Customers
  • Cashiers Checks for Established Customers
  • Wire Transfers for Established Customers
  • Night Depository
  • Drive-thru Window Service

South Central State Bank wants to make banking a convenience for you, not a chore.  Contact us to see how we can make banking more enjoyable.

*Safety Deposit Boxes are not FDIC Insured

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