Consumer Awareness

Protect yourself and your information from scammers using these tips from South Central State Bank.

Protect yourself from fake check scams with these tips from the FDIC consumer news.

Be organized, proactive, and aware to protect yourself, family and friends from financial abuse.

Have you recently assessed your savings?  These are tips to consider new ways to save.

Protect Your Money while Shopping Online

FDIC Consumer News...what are the common scams to watch for while shopping online.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a method to infect your device with malware or viruses in order to collect personal information.  These are tips to avoid a phishing attack.

Young Professionals Cybersecurity

You are accustomed to using the internet in your everyday life but the risks that come with that use could greatly impact you

Cybersecurity While Traveling

It is important to maintain safe online browsing while traveling, as you are often utilizing free internet that may not have the same security as you do at home.

Cybersecurity and Older Americans

We are more connected to technology than ever before...but this increased connectivity brings increased risks.

Mobile Security

Did you know that you need to take precautions to secure your smart phone...not just your PC.

Public WiFi-Best Practices

Public WiFi is everywhere...but it may not always be secure.  Here are some tips to protect your information when using public WiFi.

Sign up with Visa for transaction alerts on your Visa Debit Card.

Here are tips and options to avoid overdraft fees.

South Central State Bank does not share your private is our privacy policy.

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